At The Mount 初中 we teach a bespoke curriculum through a carefully balanced combination of specialist teaching and creative thinking.

Our aim is to 提供 girls with a deep foundation of 技能 knowledge and attitudes that will equip them to thrive at school, university and long into their lives. Whilst the exact nature of the girls’ future careers is hard to predict, our 课程 is designed to develop 21st Century 技能 – using your imagination, problem solving, independent thinking, and digital literacy. 

Building Blocks 

The building blocks for our girls’ education are English and Maths, there is a strong focus on developing literacy and numeracy with daily lessons  class teachers 在每一个 主题. English lessons are designed to lay the foundations 读写能力, 阅读, and writing as well as sparking children’s imagination. 数学课程 提供 a grounding in key mathematical concepts, using a ‘掌握’ approach and problem-solving 技能. 

Explore, Discover, 创建 

The ‘Creative 课程’, known as ‘Explore, Discover, 创建’ covers the traditional 主题s of 历史, 地理位置, 科学, 艺术, Design Technology and Music, but 教 in a thematic way. The Creative 课程 is all about Creative Thinking, 探索, discovering and creating with your mind. It is about encouraging the girls to think outside the box, giving them opportunities to develop and express themselves, and their ideas, 以新的方式. 事实上, we don’t just encourage girls to think outside the box, we encourage them to destroy the box! 

Read an interview with Miss Wilson to find out more about our Creative 课程

Specialist Teaching 

From Reception 向上, French, Music and Games lessons are 教 by 主题 specialists. Having the flexibility to access specialist teaching and facilities is one of the many advantages to sharing our site with the MG游戏官网.  

A Balanced 课程 

Mount girls get the best of everything! The variety from the Creative 课程 combined with the structure of their Maths and English lessons and adventures beyond the classroom through activities, outdoor education and trips 提供s Mount girls with everything they need to keep them engaged, eager and excited to learn more. Through our balanced curriculum we equip our girls with the knowledge, 技能 and capabilities they will need to be creative and engaged in a rapidly changing world. 

加入MG游戏 for our Open Afternoon

We invite you to come along to The Mount School to find out more about our Creative 课程, bespoke teaching and how a Mount Education empowers girls to know they can.
Tuesday 26 April, 1.30pm – 3.30pm


“I just wanted to say how massively impressed by the 初中 curriculum I am, and how grateful I am for the amazing education my daughter is receiving at The Mount.

I love the breadth the curriculum spans, and the opportunities the girls have for independent study, group discussion and a real depth of thinking around cultural and personal issues. The maths and english work seems such a high standard, and I can see that she is very proud of all her work.

The contrast between this and her previous school experience  是巨大的. Before she came to The Mount she was bored and frustrated to the point of listlessness, and now she is full of vitality and enthusiasm and loves being at school (in fact it is a real struggle to get her to take time off when she’s ever ill!).”